Thursday, April 7, 2011

FINAL STORY: The Roommate

I can’t wait to go to college and finally be on my own. It’s been something I’ve wanted to do for such a long time. I am going to the University of Minnesota and I am going to be staying on campus in a dorm. My mom’s a little nervous about me staying there and what not but I really think that it’s best for me. She is also sad that I’m going away. We’ve never really been apart and this is going to be really hard for her. I was scheduled to move out tomorrow and bring all of my stuff to the dorm. The scary thing was is that I had a roommate and I didn’t know anything about her, not even her name. I was nervous and I want her to like me and I wanted us to get along. I started to pack all of the things that I would need. I packed all of my clothes, my books, my shoes and my hair stuff and tooth brush. Once everything was packed I felt a little better but I was still nervous about meeting my roommate.
The next day my mom and my dad helped me load up the van. I had to bring furniture to the dorm so we had to load up my bed and a few other pieces of furniture. Everything was in the van that I needed. It was time to take off and head towards the school. There was barely any traffic so we got there pretty fast. Now that I was there I had butterflies in my stomach. My dad dropped me and my mother off so we could go check in and find out where my room was. My dad waited to see where we needed to go. My room number was 133 and was on the other side of campus. Me and my mom got back in the van and drove over to the other side of campus. We parked the car and started to unload my things. I grabbed my bags of clothes while my parents carried my mattress. We got to the room and I unlocked it and opened it. My roommate was sitting on her bed.
“Hi, I’m Rachel. Welcome, you can put all your things over on that side of the room.”
“Hey thanks! I’m Jess.”
“Do you guys need any help?”
“Ah no I think we’re almost done anyways, thanks though!”
At that second me and my parents left and grabbed some more stuff out of the van.
“Oh honey she seems nice!” said my mom.
“Yes she does, that makes me feel better. I can see us getting along.”
“See you had nothing to worry about”
We were on our way back to bringing more stuff into the dorm. This was the last load we had to bring to the room. We got to the room and put everything in there. My parents were saying goodbye to me and my mom was just balling.
            “I’m going to miss you so much. Keep in touch hon. I love you so much and stay out of trouble!”  My mom said as I could barely hear her because she was crying.
            “Yeah, stay out of trouble. Love you and miss you hon.” My dad said.
They both gave me a huge hug and a kiss before they left. This had to of been really hard for my parents.  I was now left alone with my roommate. I started to put all of my things away and put them in their place.
            “So are you new around here?” said Rachel.
            “Yeah I am, it’s my first year. Are you new?”
            “Yeah this is my first year too!”
            “Oh that’s cool, that makes me feel a lot better ha-ha!”
            “Well I’m going to go to the cafeteria, you want to come? I can show you around?”
            “Yeah that sounds great! I think I need a break from putting my things away anyways!”
So we took off and she started to show me around. She had been here for a week already and she had already checked out the place.  She showed me the cafeteria, it was pretty big and it looked clean. The food they served looked pretty delicious. I got a sandwich because I was super hungry and I hadn’t eaten anything all day. It was a ham and cheese sandwich. It was sooo delicious. Rachel just got a coffee. We sat down at a table and talked about each other. She told me a little about herself and I told her about me. We were having such a great time. We were actually getting along.
            The next week I started to see some of my things missing. Like my hair brush, tooth brush, pillow, and underwear. I was really confused and I couldn’t find them. My last resort was to ask Rachel if she had seen them.
“Hey have you seen my stuff?”
“What stuff?”
“My hair brush, tooth brush, pillow, and underwear! They’re missing, and I can’t find them anywhere!”
“Oh yeah sorry I took them.”
“Wait what? You took them? Why?!”
“I just needed to borrow them. Sorry I didn’t tell you.”
“Rachel that’s my stuff, you can’t just take my stuff without asking!!!!!”
“Oh well my bad!”
“Alright well I’m going out. You better have my stuff put back as soon as possible!”
“What are you talking about? You’re crazy! I can leave whenever I want!”
As I tried to leave Rachel came after me and grabbed me by the wrist.
“You are not leaving!”
“AAAAHHHH!” I belted out this loud scream. I was so frightened, and I didn’t know what to do. I thought she was going to kill me. I didn’t know what I did to her but she didn’t want me to leave. She locked the door and was not letting me out. I did not know what to do. She tied me to a chair and told me again that I could not leave her. She showed me her shrine in her closet and it was all my stuff that I was missing. I was terrified. This girl was obsessed with me. I sat there in horror and I watched her pace the door back and forth.
“You know what I’m going to do with you?” Rachel said to me.
“No… What?!”  I said in a shivered voice.
“I am going to tell you… APRIL FOOLS! Hahahhaha! You actually were scared and thought I was going to kill you!”
“WHAT! You were just kidding?! Wow, you are so mean! I can’t believe you.”

Creative writing class review

-Lyrics... It was fun to listen to some new music
-Poems... A new way of thinking
-Daily journal... Practice for college
-Loved how this class was basically online. Like if i missed a day I could go online and it would be there. I liked how If I needed to I could go home and work on something because its all online. I also love how this was a writing class that was on the computer because I hate writing with paper. I think we just would have wasted so much paper. Everything is easier now with the computers. Made this class easier how it was on the computer.
-Another thing I liked was how we can design our own page on
-Also liked how some daily journals had random pictures that you had to write about. I thought that was pretty neat.

-Writing the stories... It was really hard to write a short story for me. I guess I just didnt know where to go with it.
-I also didn't really care for the audio short story because it was really hard to sit there for 30 mins and listen to this lady.
Other than those two things, there wasn't much that I didn't like. I pretty much loved everything about this class.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Daily journal: Bad food expierence

One time I went out to AppleBees' in Apple valley with my boyfriend and his grandma. We got there and sat down and started to look at the menu. When we got there it was really packed. I was surprised that we had a table. We looked at the menu to see what we wanted to eat. Once we all knew what we wanted we had to wait and wait and wait for our waitress to come and take our order. We waited for about 20 minutes. That for one put us all on edge. So she took all of our orders. I got the pick three and I picked the Queso blanco and the honey bbq wings and these chicken tacos. Jon, my boyfriend picked the a1 steak burger, this was his favorite. His grandma picked some burger that I don't remember what it was called but it was delicious! After she took our order we all talked about everything that was on our minds. After awhile we started to realize how long it had been since she had last talked to us. The waitress hadn't talked to us in about 30 mins. So then we asked this waiter if we could speak to our waitress. I mean we had been waiting for our food for a long time. We were thinking that our food is probabaly cold by now, how gross. So we waited another 10 minutes untill she came to talk to us. "Your food is just coming out" The waitress said to us. We finally got our food after waiting about an hour, which is ridiculous. Everything in my pick three was good and still hot except the stupid tacos, they were cold and discusting. I will never get those tacos again. Jons burger was delicious he said but it could have been a bit warmer. Grandma's food was also good. So we waited a long time but it was worth it in the end. The wait made us more hungry than we were before we walked in to AppleBees'. The only bad thing were my tacos.

Monday, April 4, 2011

bRAiNStoRm fOR ShORt StORy

going to college
new roomate
two girls
never met each other
one girl had a boyfriend and other one doesn't
one girl starts to get really klingy and pyscho
girl becomes obsessive
in the end she was just kidding and it was all a joke

Daily journal: Picture

I was just about to sit down in my chair and start reading my shakespear when I saw something scurry accross the floor. Now my biggest fear of all is mice so I was hoping it wasn't a mouse. I got up on the chair and started to look for something on the floor. Big or small I didn't know what I was looking for. Just then I saw something scurry accross the floor again. I just missed it and I could barilly see what it was. I think it was under the rug. I slowly got off the chair and I had my eyes set on the rug. There was a little bump in the rug and I just knew it was there. I needed something to kill it with and the only thing in sight was the chair that I was just sitting on. The lamp would obviously break if I were to smash it to the floor so the best option was the wooden chair. I picked up the chair and I had it over my head just about to drill it into the floor where the bump was. 1...2...3..! Just as I was about to hit the floor the small littl bump in the rug moved accross the floor. I followed the bump and it was just sitting there again. 1...2...3... BANG! I hit the floor and I knew I hit the bump too. I decided to lift up the rug and see what was under there. I needed to see if I actualy hit something. As I lifted up the rug the small black mouse scurried out from underneath the rug and flew into the kitchen. Well that just answered all of my questions. For one, I didn't kill it, and two it is a mouse. Its and ugly black mouse too. As it scurried to the kitchen a bunch of shivers rushed through me like lightning. I was so afraid of mice like you wouldn't believe. I hurried to the kitchen before the mouse could hide in something.

Friday, April 1, 2011

STORY: Meeting obsessive Ed...

I wake up in this tiny enclosed tube, confused and scared I couldn’t help but wonder where I was. Cloudy steam filled the small tube as I tried to feel around for something. Finally I found a lever and I pulled it. WOOSH! The door opened and all the steam blew out. I walked out of the tube and there was a scientist waiting for me to come out.
I asked him, “Where am I”?
He replied, “You were just in a freezing machine”.
“What?  How long was I in there?”
“You were in there for 100 years”.
“Why would I go into a freezing machine?”
“What do you mean?  You don’t remember what happened?”
“No? Waa what happened?”
“Well before you went into the freezing machine the whole world was coming to an end. Every volcano exploded and there were many earthquakes, tsunamis and hurricanes. You went in the machine at year 2012 to save yourself. You went into the freezing machine to tell stories of what life was like back then in 2012.”
“Well what is your name? Who are you?”
“I am Dr. Edward, and I am a scientist.”
“Nice to meet you Dr. Edward, I’m Bree Christen.”
At that second Dr. Edward escorted me to a place where I could stay. He led me to this hotel like place where I could have my privacy. As I was wondering this new world I realized that everything was different from when I lived. At the hotel, Dr. Edward was talking to the assistant telling him about my situation and they said that I could stay there for awhile until I got a job.  As they were still discussing stuff I noticed two dogs on the floor. Little do you know they were not normal dogs? These dogs could some-how talk. I thought I was dreaming, or in a movie or something. I wanted to see if the dog could understand me so I said “Hello dog!”
The dog said, “My name isn’t dog, its Spot.”
Just then everything spun in circles and then everything went black. I woke up 5 minutes later to Dr. Edward shaking me and asking if I was alright. “Yes I’m okay! That dog just spoke to me and knew exactly what I was saying.”
“Yeah here in 2111, dogs can now communicate to us. Sorry I should have told you that.” The times now are a lot different, things have changed drastically.”
“I’m feeling a little better but I think I’m going to go up to my room and relax a bit.”
The assistant gave me my room key and told me to have a nice stay. Dr. Edward gave me his number just in case I needed to get a hold of him. I went for the elevator. The elevator was a lot different than they used to be. You were in a tube like machine that was really small. Inside of the elevator there were so many different buttons. There were 30 floors. I was on the last floor. I pressed the button that said 30, right away the doors closed. I waited 5 seconds until ZOOM! I shot up into the air and BOOM! I was there in 30 seconds. The doors opened and this guy was waiting to go down. He looked at me and laughed. I was on the floor in a mess because I wasn’t used to the elevators here. He walked in and helped me up. “Thank you so much! My name is Bree.”
“You’re welcome, I’m Jon!”
“Hopefully I’ll see you again soon!”
Once I left the elevator I started to look for my room. It was just down the hall and I opened the door and there was my room. The room was full of colors and bright lights. The bedroom had a king size bed and looked super comfy. The king size bed had a pillow top on top. This room looked like my sanctuary. I decided I wanted to shower because I had been frozen for so long that I probably didn’t smell too good. After I showered I wanted to take a nap, but then I heard a knock at my door. It was Dr. Edward…
“Hey we need to talk…”
“Well ah I was just going to take a nap but okay. What’s up?”
“You know how you were frozen for 100 years? Well you were only suppose to be frozen for 20…”
“WHATTT!? Why didn’t you un-freeze me?”
“The problem was that someone stuffed me into a freeze machine and put me in it for 70 years. I was just about to un-freeze you but someone stuffed me in there. I just came out of the machine not so long ago.”
“What?!  So you’re saying that I should have been out of this machine a longggg time ago?”
“Well yes, this is what I am telling you.”
“I can’t believe this Ed. I just lost so many years of my life, and now they’re gone forever…”
“Yes I know this but it was completely an accident.”
“Ugh, well thanks for telling me this FANTASTIC news! I’ll see you tomorrow.”
“Alright, have a good night!”
            The next day I woke up and felt great, all I wanted to do was to go explore this new world of wonders. I wanted to some-how escape this hotel so Ed wouldn’t follow me. I kind of wanted to get away from him. I felt that he was bad news. So I decided to exit out the stairs instead of the elevator that everyone seemed to use. I started walking down the stair and I heard footsteps that sounded as though they were coming up toward me. I didn’t know what to do. Was I suppose to hide or act like everything was normal and keep walking down the stairs? I decided to just keep walking down the stairs. It ended up being Jon, the guy I met the other day in the elevator. He seemed very happy to see me as I was very happy to see him. He asked me out to coffee and to show me around town. He knew that I was new around here and I agreed to him showing me around.  So we walked down the stairs together and we came to the door that led outside. Instead of normally opening the door yourself, there was a sensor and it automatically opened up. When we got outside the whole feel of the world felt completely different. Everyone seemed so happy and so care-free. This world seemed like the best place on earth. It was almost like a dream where you could make anything happen. I felt like if I wanted something I could get it easily. This world was a dream come true. I guess I wasn’t mad that Ed didn’t un-freeze me now that I look at the world today.  Jon wanted to show me around so we started to walk to his car. On the way to his car I saw other cars and they weren’t just normal cars with tired and on concrete. These cars were called hover cars. These cars could fly and be in the air. This was the coolest thing I had ever seen. This was something that I had always wanted to be invented back in the time that I lived. Luckily enough Jon had a hover can and I got to experience this right off the bat. We got into his car and it was super nice inside. Black leather interior that was very clean and well kept. The weather was very hot outside and not windy so he could have the top down. All hover cars were also convertible tops, which was amazing. We flew all over the place and decided to stop at the local coffee shop that everyone hung out at. I was hoping that Ed wouldn’t be here. He seemed protective of me and if he saw me here with Jon, he’d be furious. We walked into the coffee shop and right away I spotted him from afar.
“Jon we have to get out of here, Ed is going to be furious.”
“Why would he be furious?  You guys aren’t dating are you?”
“No we’re not dating, but he seems very protective of me and I don’t know why.”
“Okay well I don’t want to start drama, so let’s go get ice-cream instead.”
“Okay sounds great!”
We went back out to his hover car and headed over to the ice cream place. This seemed like a much better idea because I wasn’t feeling coffee anyways. It was like a date. We were flirting with each other and were both very happy! He gave me his number and I gave him my hotel phone number. We drove back over to the hotel after having such a great night. Everything seemed so perfect until I remember Ed. Jon walked me up to my room and he gave me a good night kiss and said “I’ll call you tomorrow!” I was so happy I instantly got butterflies in my stomach.  I walked into my room and got ready for bed.
            I woke up this morning with my room a disaster. Looking to only find a picture of me and Jon kissing sitting on the table…

Daily journal: Behind her the noise escalated...

Behind her the noise escalated even worse than it already was. Her parents went from arguing to screaming to throwing objects at each other. It went from bad to crazy in just seconds. She began to feel scared and didn't want to be there anymore. She felt like she was going to get dragged into this. She didn't want anything to do with it. She just hoped that her mother was safe and nothing bad would happen. She loved both of her parents but she wanted to protect her mother. She was very close with her mother. She needed to get out, it was best for her. She deserved to live in a better place and she was ready to live on her own. Her and her boyfriend wanted to move out and get a place together and eventually start a family. She wanted to do her own thing just like her parents did. She just hoped that her and her boyfriend wouldn't fight like her and her parents did. She hated fighting and it was something important to her as to not fight and argue. Especially if it was about something so stupid.